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What Women Want in Bed: 4 Tips to Make Sex Better and Make Her Sexually Addicted To You

Want to succeed with women sexually? Then, knowing what women want in bed is vital - a MUST KNOW type of info before starting a relationship with a girl. Even if you've been in a relationship, you'll benefit from this info and using the tips below.

Knowing what women want in bed allows you to be a great lover!

For example, you've probably heard that what a woman wants in bed is a more sensual, unrushed foreplay. And that she hates it when you fall asleep right after making love, before some basic afterplay like cuddling and kissing.

But do you know what she wants in between foreplay and afterplay?

Do you know how to have great sex and make her scream your name in ecstasy?

Well, whether you've been married for years and have a less-than-rocking sex life or are exploring a new relationship, it's never too late to learn what your partner wants in bed and the clear difference between merely having sex and making love.

It's never too late to discover any woman's deepest sexual desires, learn to give her the most mind-melting, heart-opening sexual experience and become a GREAT lover - the man who your woman just can't resist.

Yes, a lot of what women want in bed has to do with your ‘equipment’ and how well it performs, of course; nobody can deny this and we will deal with it in a minute, by the end of this page.

But before, let's take a look at the other three key things that women want in bed:

  • a well-trained tongue
  • full-body lovemaking
  • to be led without inhibitions

Discover more about each of these, below.

1. What Women Want in Bed is a Well-trained Tongue

Okay, I know what you're thinking right now: that she wants you to go down on her... Perhaps. But more than that, there's something else she wants in bed: hearing compliments.

Compliments are always good, except when they're generic. "You are beautiful" or, "You are so sexy" won't cut it for her; she'll think you must have said these to a dozen of other women before her.

Instead, focus on specific details that will make her feel not only attractive, but special as well - any girl loves to feel special. (If you can make her feel special, you'll have an unfair advantage over any other guy.)

For example, you can say specific things like, "I love your cheek dimples" or, "Your freckle is beautiful" or, "Your well-rounded ass drives me crazy!"

Want to truly rock her world? Speak with a "you-focus".

Instead of "That feels good" - say, "You make me feel good".

Instead of "I like that" - say, "I love the way you do that".

Subtle change, big difference.

"The word "you" sounds sexy to a woman because you're referring to her as opposed to the act of sex. It's very personal, and women love that" - says psychotherapist Deanna Schwartz, author of How to Please a Woman In and Out of Bed.

2. What Women Want in Bed is Full-body Lovemaking

Want to be perceived as a great lover by your partner and get her wanting you more? Or, perhaps you want to help her enjoy more her sexuality (before someone else does it). Either way, you must do better than just getting your pleasure from rubbing your bodies and moving on.

You don't need an endless list of sex positions; for women, sex starts in the mind and out of bed. If you want to drive her wild make the extra effort to romance your woman (perhaps even with candles around the bed, soft music, sweet scents or even rose petals on the sheets); nothing makes her feel more special, wanted and aroused.

Then, once she's ready for your touch, don't go for the obvious spots right away - her hardened nipples and the wet spot between her legs; caress her entire body and notice how she responds to it. All women are a bit different and you'll want to explore every inch of her and what makes her, in particular, melt.

Before touching the hot spots, take your time to fondle her neck, shoulders, behind the ears. Trace slow, circular waves along your partner's most sensitive zones: her inner thighs, lower back and the palm of her hands - when you do, lovemaking becomes electrifying and deeply satisfying - regardless of the love making positions you employ.

3. What Women Want in Bed is to Be Led without Inhibitions

She wants you to take the lead and hold the space for her to surrender to your enjoying her. Nothing is more masculine than taking the lead and showing that you know what you want and don't hesitate to go for it.

Point her in the direction you want her to take, and she will follow.

Did you know that women's most common sexual fantasy is to be dominated in bed? Try take her hands and place them over her head while you kiss her neck and whisper softly - but firmly - "You like this" (and that's not a question).

Avoid asking questions. Not in bed. Ever.

In bed, nothing turns off a woman more than being asked, "Do you want me to kiss you on the neck?" or "Should I take off your blouse?" or "Would you like me to go slow?"

Instead, tell her, "It's okay to go slow" or, "I'm going to take off your bra" or, "I'll make love to you all night" or, "Next time, I'm going to f*ck you even harder".

These statements convey a sense of direction and certainty. When you do this, you create a highly intimate space where she can completely trust you and feel safe to relax and open up to you.

Also, stop being too gentle when you make love. Women want to be taken, to be ravished. She'll be extremely turned on by mildly rough sex and explicit, downright sexual talk that would make her blush outside the bedroom. Why? Because she wants to feel that you are going wild for her, and because of her - that's what truly opens her up to you.

A last thing before wrapping up this series of tips on how to have great sex:

4. What Women Want in Bed is a Satisfying Sexual Performance

Do you sometimes lose sleep over your performance in bed - even worry that being unfulfilled sexually she might leave you?

While size is usually more of an issue in your mind (most men fret over the size of their organ), it can be a problem.  And - unless mean or uncaring - most women will never point out that you are small. Why? Because they'll go to great lengths to avoid making you feel inadequate.

What women want in bed: your satisfying sexual performance

But you should know that most women don't care nearly as much about penile size as they do about its stiffness and your lasting power - believe it or not, these may even be reasons to break up with you.

Maddening, I know.

When it comes to men's sexual performance, it's not the list of sex positions you can perform that counts. What women want in bed is to avoid having to deal with your premature ejaculation or weak erection.

When you experience either of these, sex stops being fun and pleasurable; instead, it becomes a dreadful and embarrassing event for both of you.

Depending on which of the two dysfunctions you may be experiencing - premature ejaculation (PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED), your partner will either lose interest or become frustrated when you (repeatedly) are unable to perform. Sooner or later, she'll find excuses to say "No" more and more often. She might even start entertaining the idea of looking somewhere else.

So if you experience either of these issues, don't wait.

In most cases, these conditions are easy to fix without having to go through the discomfort of seeing a doctor. You can learn to achieve (through 100% natural means) ejaculation by command.

What Women Want in Bed - Ejaculation by Command

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Learning how to have great sex, being able to perform well and provide what women want in bed is what makes you a great lover. Knowing how to make sex better and giving your woman a super-charged, fulfilling sexual experience makes her wild beyond anything you've ever imagined!

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