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Do You Know What Women Want in Men? Miss Any of These, and You'll Never Make Women Want You!

Whether single or in a relationship, it's probably been a frustrating puzzle to you what women want in men. If you've talked about it with your buddies you probably think that what women are after in a man is money, status, good looks, a fancy degree, a high-power job - any or all of these.

Do You Know What Women Want in Men?

Well, think again.

Some shallow women may be after the crust, it's true.

But the type of woman with whom you'll want to build a happy lasting relationship is after something deeper than that.

It's your inner game.

This may be new to you and you don't have to take what you'll discover here at face value; just print out this page and show it to every woman you know - it may shock you, but they will all validate it and back it up.

It’s the only way to shift the myths and limiting beliefs about what women want in men that you’ve picked up along the way. You have nothing to lose - if anything, it’s going to make for some pretty lively and interesting conversations!

So let's unravel the mystery of women and hook you up with the top 3 things women want in men and subconsciously "test" their men for continually (we detail each of these later on this page):

  1. a life purpose & the drive to go after it
  2. a self-confident can-do attitude
  3. emotional smarts

Seems whimsical? Then we need to take a quick look to what women want in men from a higher perspective first.

Having a direction and a map, the drive and the capacity to understand what's going on around you signal to a woman that your "ride" is going to be an exciting one! This subconscious realization inspires her in the beginning to board your ship - hence the powerful attraction you have the potential to create in the beginning.

Subconsciously, she gets the message that you have a destination, a route to follow, that you're at the helm self-confidently adjusting the course as needed, fully present and emotionally able to perceive the needs of and connect with the people you've taken with you on the journey. You are her HERO.

This gives her peace of mind - simply because she doesn't have to figure it all out by herself. She doesn't need to watch out for deadly reefs or rocks, control that the ship stays on course toward the destination and she doesn't have to complain when it doesn't (so that what needs to be done gets done).

All this allows her to completely trust you to a very deep level.

Energetically, you're embodying the energies of all the four male archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician & Lover), allowing her to relax into her feminine energy and to access the gifts of the Feminine. She can now fully open up to you and blossom, bringing in your life the stimulating, life-giving, playful and nourishing radiant quality you're so hungry for: her LOVE.

As you can see, what women want in men is based on a higher design.

Next, let's take a closer look at each of these three things that will make women want you for the journey of life, allowing you to build happy lasting relationships.

1) What Women Want in Men is to Have a Life Purpose: What is Your What?

Women want to see that you have purpose-driven life. A life vision. Life goals - and the drive to achieve your goals. It's only then that they're able to relax into their radiant Feminine.

Women want men with direction and drive. Men who want to make something of themselves and their lives and who take charge of their life. Don't believe it? Just look at how women swarm around men with a passion - be it rock stars, young community leaders, broke artists, entrepreneurs who start (again) from scratch, or political leaders on the run.

You think it's the fame? The status? The money?

No, no, and no.

You think it's a superhuman ability to provide what women want in bed?

It isn't this either.

Even if women are attracted at first by these outer game features, they soon lose interest in a guy who's vaguely contented with the way things are - a man who thinks that a comfortable, secure job is good enough (after all, he's making enough dough to pay the bills, the work is not too awful, the boss and the mates are okay and once a week after work they all go out for drinks).

Avoid to get caught up in that herd mentality that what women want in men are the colorful feathers; you're smarter than that.

Consider this instead.

Any woman is turned on when she sees that you're living on purpose; to her, it means you have ambition and drive. A strong backbone. You're a man who's "going somewhere" - despite the pressures of everyday life that tend to keep you stuck in the rut.

You have to offer something amazingly valuable to her: an exciting ride.

Here's the thing. Our life purpose is the core of our life. It's that something that kicks us out from bed early in the morning and keeps us in flow, pushing us to contribute our innate gifts and talents in a tangible way to make this world a better place to live in; to contribute to the greater good. Believe it or not, life purpose is a higher-order need - if we don't use our gifts to fulfill it and don't devote our life to what satisfies our soul we die on the vine.

As David Deida, the author of The Way Of The Superior Man puts it:

What women want in men: to have a defined life purpose

All this is good news - because doing what you've been put on earth to do IS fun!

If you're not fired up by your life, you haven't yet found your life purpose - just make it your purpose for now to discover What is Your What: Discover The One Amazing Thing You Were Born to Do >>

2) What Women Want in Men is a Can-Do Attitude

Okay. You have a life purpose. Do you also have the nerve to follow it?

What Women Want in Men is a Can-Do Attitude

Women need to feel the piercing force of your stretch to grow - the emotional energy of action.

The energy of the Warrior archetype.

But today there aren't any tigers or bears around to kill - being an all-out guy is about fighting a shrinking comfort zone and any self-limiting beliefs (after all, it is what you believe deep down and what you say to yourself that has the greatest impact on how you approach the challenges in your life).

If you want to succeed with women and build happy lasting relationships you have to stretch yourself. Start with baby steps... stick just a toe outside your comfort zone (because you will never get anywhere new by staying in there).

What women want to see is that you apply this growth to a tangible endeavor - whether it's a new, more challenging job, a part-time business or volunteering for a cause you believe in, integrating newly-acquired skills in your life tells her that you have what it takes to get what you want. You have that winning can-do attitude.

You are driven.

For a woman, it's this internal drive that separates you from all the wannabes out there - cop-outs, holdouts and dropouts - guys looking for comfort, stability, safety (which are all female values), more than wanting to make a difference and achieve. A can-do attitude means to go through the inherent obstacles and seemingly "realistic facts" in life asking How can I? instead of finding reasons why you can't.

Consider the words of Chuck Swindoll:

What women want in men is a can-do attitude

So remember this.

Being an all-out guy spells out self-confidence, constantly rated as #1 turn on for women. With a can-do attitude you're a guy who's fascinating, able to attract (and keep) any woman you want - in fact, that's one of the Alpha Male dating secrets.

3) What Women Want in Men is Emotional Smarts

Are you like most guys out there still struggling with emotionally literacy - despite all the hoopla these days around emotional intelligence and its impact everywhere - with family, friends, at school, at work, in your intimate relationship and in the boardroom?

You may have heard that emotional intelligence affects your interpersonal and professional success 7 times more than IQ, the traditional cognitive intelligence; but in reality, your emotional competence determines the level of excellence in virtually anything you do - including navigating successfully ALL relationship stages.

Ever wondered what women want in men the most? The #1 need, want and preference that trumps everything else? Forget erotic intensity; try emotional intimacy instead.

But you can't provide emotional intimacy without being able to navigate your (and her) emotional landscape. In fact, if you dream to make women want you, acquiring emotional smarts is not an option these days; it is a MUST if you want to build happy lasting relationships. In fact, emotional smarts is vital in providing meaningful connection, one of the two things that women want from men.

The good news now. A well-developed emotional intelligence empowers you to:

  • increase your charisma and sexual attraction through the Power of Presence
  • acquire "mind-sight" & empathy, so you can reach into her mind and heart
  • "read her" like an open book and fully understand how she feels at any time
  • defuse at will any arguments and conflicts that inevitably come up
  • repair completely any wounded feelings that might arise

Bottom line is this.

The level of your emotional skills controls the quality and depth of connection with any woman. Remember, women's emotional intelligence is naturally high; they are simply wired this way - no wonder that what women want in men is emotional smarts as well.

So how can you catch up with the emotional fitness required to make women want you?

Well, you really must improve your inner game.

If you truly want to succeed with women you'll want to learn about the Power of Presence and develop that special sense that allows you to pick up accurately what's going on around you - then respond appropriately to it, without having to think.

No matter what age or stage of life you’re in, if you want to easily acquire what women want in men so you can take your intimate relationship to the next level (or get into one), your smartest choice is the Authentic Man Program - there's nothing else like it available.

You've surely seen several seduction guides that require you to learn questionable techniques and to memorize countless seduction scripts - but if you want an intelligent program, AMP is your best bet.

That's because it is the only real-world training that gives you the foundation - the  inner game tools, the basis of solid confidence and competence to build a rewarding intimate relationship with any woman you want, be it short- or long-term.

Take a look now at AMP's Foundations of Inner Game that teach you step-by-step how to make women want you, how to succeed with women anytime, anywhere and much more >>



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