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Are You Saying What Women Want to Hear? Stop Trying to Guess the Right Things to Say to Your Lady!
(Get here examples, cheat sheets, tips & tools)

Whether you're here because you'd like some tips on what women want to hear or you're pretty sure you know what you want to say and just want to confirm your thoughts, you've come to the right place. Be it a newer or a more established relationship, knowing how to make women laugh and how to talk to girls is key.

Are You Saying What Women Want to Hear

You'll find here not only two cheat sheets (things to say that most women can't hear enough AND things to never, ever say to your lady), but also a couple of conversation topics that show a woman that you're committed to building a rewarding long dating relationship with her - or to improving your current one, which may have lost its sparkle.

Before diving in you should know two things.

First, in the beginning of a relationship what women want to hear isn't just empty flattery or vows of eternal love; forget what you may have read elsewhere - these days most girls don't fall for phony mush or insincere promises. Getting a woman interested by telling her what she "wants to hear" is a thin veneer she will see through pretty soon. To conquer a woman's mind and heart you need to create a certain conversation chemistry.

Second, as your relationship progresses, you don't need amazing achievements and thrilling adventure stories to impress girls and prove your worth. You simply have to understand why women want to hear certain things and then use your own words and be yourself - just say what you mean and mean what you say, simple as that. Nothing will be appreciated more than your honesty and being real.

These out of the way, here are 3 things women want to hear from you:

  1. your game plan
  2. confident reassurance
  3. sincere appreciation & praise

Let's take a closer look at each of these.

What Women Want to Hear: #1. Your Game Plan

Okay, perhaps you don't have a month-by-month, 10-year plan; but if you know your life purpose (you should) and what you want to do with your life, you've probably thought about where you'd like to be in a few months/years down the road, right?

What Women Want to Hear is Your Game Plan

Whether your life purpose is to raise a happy family, create art, teach people about healing foods, build modern roads in underdeveloped countries, raise awareness about the effects of global pollution, contribute in a major way to stop cybercrime, you have to have at least a very rough game plan. (Because - you know what they say - failing to plan is planning to fail - and that's exactly how women think.)

In the beginning of a relationship, for the first few dates, cool stories from the past are fun. Sharing summer-camp tales, your travel perils or extreme sports adventures works... Some girls are going to eat that stuff up.

But if your relationship is at the point where you consider including a woman in your life plans, she's going to want to hear all about it.

Building a fulfilling relationship is not at the whims of luck - it takes some good planning; telling her your dreams and goals for your future together makes her feel safe with you. As a result, she can relax into her Feminine energy and open up to you faster. Plus, talking about your plans and expectations early on in your relationship allows you to see whether or not the two of you are compatible long term (and save the grief later on if you aren't).

What Women Want to Hear: #2. Confident Reassurance

No matter how many things she can do on her own, no matter how accomplished she is, any woman will always want to have someone looking out for her -  there's no limit to the amount of reassurance a woman needs.

Your self-assured assistance will have a massive impact on your partner; it makes her feel protected, so don't waste any opportunity to let her know that you have her back!

What Women Want to Hear: Confident Reassurance

Simple words like, I got it... I'll fix that for you... I'm taking care of that... You don't have to worry about this... Let's do this together... How can I help?... signal to a woman that you understand what she needs and are committed to help her  - she feels not only protected, but taken care of as well.

Other words like, I know how you feel... It will all turn out all right... One day we’ll laugh at this... You're right to feel this way... signal her that you understand what she's going through emotionally and are beside her, making her feel validated and loved.

For any woman, reassurance is simply another form of encouragement - that's just how women think subconsciously. When she's done well something, tell her: You've done a great job... You’re very smart... You're doing great... You're right... You've been wonderful...  You are doing so well... I'm so proud of you.

You get the idea - most women worry that they aren't good enough or haven't done enough, so nothing makes your sweetheart feel more understood, cared for and loved than your encouraging words that put her mind at rest.

What Women Want to Hear: #3. Sincere Appreciation & Praise

You may have already told your lady that she's beautiful, sweet, sexy and rocks your world in bed. But if you want a long dating relationship and a partner beyond bed (and you're a lucky devil and actually got her), you'd better tell her specifics.

  • How is she special to you? 
  • How is she making you feel?
  • Why are you into her?

Appreciate the less obvious things she does that you like so much. What's special about her? Focus on her key qualities: is she nurturing, cheerful, resourceful, optimistic, creative, spontaneous, well-organized, a good host? Your lady will melt at your heart-felt compliments - there's not a bigger turn on for her than your sincere appreciation!

Let’s think about this in terms of sex. When a woman feels Appreciation from a man she feels trust in her body. When she feels trust in her body, she is 100% willing and interested to give you all of herself. It is often the men who have mastered Appreciation who have the most incredible sex lives on the planet.

Authentic Man Program - The Foundations of Inner Game

Never underestimate the power of Appreciation - it's vital to know how to talk to girls so they're irresistibly attracted to you.

Don't make the mistake of taking your sweetheart or your relationship for granted; appreciate even the small things she does for you: packing your lunch, brushing your coat, researching something for you on the net or calling in to see how’s your day going – small things like these can easily go unnoticed (especially after being together for a while).

What Women Want to Hear:Thank You!

Say Thank You with a card or just a sticky note left casually on her pillow, dashboard, bathroom mirror, or her keyboard - you’ll make her day!

Not only will she feel seen and that what she’s doing for you doesn’t go unnoticed; she’ll be motivated to keep these good things (and others) coming.

Is there something you'd like her to change or improve on? Praise her.

As opposed to guys who are motivated by challenge, women are motivated by praise. Criticism from her man makes a woman feel like the rug has been pulled out from under her feet - if you think you can help her change through constructive criticism, think again. Not only will she not change; she will be destroyed (and your relationship will be too).

For women, praise = LOVE. Daily praise is emotional food for these emotional beings.

Praise and support magnify whatever you want your woman to improve on.

What women want to hear

For example, if you want her to smile more, avoid saying, "why do you frown?" Look her in the eye and say instead, "I love it when you smile, it makes me happy when you're happy!"

Or, if you'd like to see her exercise more, avoid telling her that - she will feel not only rejected, but insulted! (Plus, she'll avoid taking her clothes off.)

Instead, plan to go together at the gym, take her for evening power walks, or tell her how much it turns you on seeing her working out.

Praise motivates any woman to change for the better. Try it. You'll see, what women want to hear is not rocket science!

So if you are beyond the phase of initial attraction and asking those  fun questions for couples, as your relationship grows, you need to adjust your conversation topic. If you don't, she will either think that you aren't ready for a long dating relationship, or don't really want to be with her beyond sex - either way you're going to lose her.

Now, let's give you the promised...

Cheat Sheets to Remember What Women Want to Hear & What You Should Never, Ever Say

Different women want to hear different things, but how women think is very much alike, so the examples below are going to get you similar results with most women. Click on the images to see a bigger size or download Words Women Love to Hear and What You Shouldn't Say to a Woman.

What Women Want to hear Cheat Sheet
Things You Should Never Say to a Woman


2 Practical Tools for Mastering What Women Want to Hear

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Pick the program that is right for you:

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